Wealthtime Select Platform

Our key dates page covers the deadlines for certain activities on the Wealthtime Select platform.

There is a report that shows you this information. To access the report, log in to the platform and go to your dashboard. You’ll see a variety of reports, organised into categories. Go to the ‘clients’ category and there you’ll see the ‘ISA subscriptions available report’.

The report lists each client with an ISA on the Wealthtime Select platform. The columns cover:

  • total subscriptions they have already made this tax year,
  • subscriptions available,
  • eligibility to subscribe,
  • the flexible replacement available,
  • The current valuation of any GIA they hold, so you can see what’s available to move into the ISA, if appropriate.

Remember the Wealthtime Select ISA is a flexible ISA – this means your clients may have more than £20,000 they can pay into their ISA available to them.

To find the bank details to use for payments:

  • Select the client
  • Go to ‘payments’ (in the top right next to ‘Trade’)
  • Select the product on the left
  • You’ll see our bank details and the roll number for this product

Please make sure your clients quote their unique roll number on all payments they send.

If we receive a payment without this reference, it’s not clear where it should be applied. This can cause delays and could mean we’re unable to apply the payment.

If you need to find this information in bulk for your clients, there is a report available for you. To access it, go to your dashboard, select the ‘clients’ category, and run the ‘clients individual roll number’ report.

Yes, please make sure you submit the application before your client sends the money. If we receive a payment before the application is submitted, we’re unable to apply the money.

It’s best if you send the £20,000 money for the ISA now, then send the further amount in the new tax year.

But if you have a client who’d prefer to send both amounts now, then they’d need to send £20,000 with the roll number for their ISA, and a further £20,000 with the roll number for their GIA. If your client doesn’t have a GIA, you’d need to open one first.

You could then set up the instruction on the GIA, to move the money to the ISA as soon as the new tax year starts.

Yes, a withdrawal request can be submitted while trades are pending. Please make sure your trading preferences are set up to accommodate this.

Make sure you leave plenty of time for sell downs to complete. Bear in mind that the deadline for submitting instructions is 20 March.

PCLS request
If we have paid to the client in the last 12 months


Send us a secure message with the details of the instruction
If we haven’t paid in the last 12 months but the client has received PCLS before. Submit a Benefit Payment Form attached to a secure message, adobesign or docusign with certificate attached.
If we have never paid PCLS and this is the first time the client is taking benefits


Original Benefit Payment Form in the post.
To set up a regular PCLS payment The benefit payment form doesn’t currently cover this process. So, as well as the form, please also send us a follow-up secure message.



Income request
If the client is already in drawdown and is requesting income


Send us a secure message with the details of the instruction
If the client needs to crystallise further to receive income Benefit Payment Form attached to a secure message, adobesign or docusign with certificate attached.

Yes, we need the bank account to be verified before we can send out a withdrawal payment.

If a request is submitted to pay out to an unverified bank account, we’ll email you to let you know that you need to verify the account by providing evidence documents. This is likely to cause a delay.

When you’re logged into the platform, go to the menu options along the top and select ‘trade’, then ‘model portfolio’. The information shown on the screen includes a column for ‘Next Rebalance Date’.

  • Select client
  • Go to ‘tools’ (in the top right next to ‘Documents’)
  • Select ‘target cash’
  • Click the green button ‘define target cash’

This will outline the preferences set up on each of your client’s products for the cash held. If you need to amend them, you can do that on this page too.

We have capital gains reports available for you; you can access them from the tools section. You have a choice of an overview bulk report, a detailed report showing asset by asset, or you can do individual scenarios in trading.

The bulk report is particularly useful at tax year end. It gives you an overview of all clients with GIAs, both personal and joint. It shows the released gains and potential gains.

Remember – it’s possible to offset potential gains against realised losses between spouses to maximise use of the CGT allowance. If you and your clients decide that’s right for them, you can move the assets, in-specie, into the spouse’s GIA with the losses and sell down the assets once in the new GIA to crystallise these.

If you’d like to instruct interspousal transfer of assets, please send us a secure message. Specify the assets you would like to be transferred, number of units and detail the clients involved. We will process this for you within 5 working days.

You can send us a secure message via the Wealthtime Select platform  or phone us on 01725 512 925.