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Wealthtime Investments

An investment proposition designed with you in mind

We’re focused on creating great outcomes for your clients. And as one of the last remaining independent platforms, we’re strategically aligned to your business.

Investment List

Find all the important information about the investments you can access on our platform. See all the charges, types, objectives and relevant yields. Independent ratings and factsheets are also available.


You can access a wide range of investments on our platform. From shares and funds to Unit Trusts and OEICs to structured products, ETFs and Investments Trusts.

Over 6,000 lines of assets, including 3,500 funds from more than 300 fund managers, plus offshore and onshore, retail and institutional, authorised and non-daily dealt. Choose from a number of Structured Products from providers like Investec, Morgan Stanley, Mariana Capital, Meteor and Walker Cripps.

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Recognising the growing demand for outsourcing to Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs), the platform gives you access to any FCA-registered DFM. Our trading system allows advisers, clients and DFMs to work directly together.

There is a strong demand in the investment market to outsource the portfolio management process to specialist third party DFMs. This allows your clients to benefit from expert portfolio management and investment research capabilities while you can focus on financial planning and achieving your client’s goals.

The choice of DFM and charges paid to them remains an agreement you and your client.

DFMs can view a client’s investments online, make investment decisions and carry out transactions quickly and efficiently. They can also use Model Portfolios to tailor investment solutions.

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Guaranteed income

Guaranteed income has historically only been offered as part of a traditional annuity or a defined benefit pension. However, we can offer the option to include guaranteed income within the Novia SIPP to provide a secure underpin to some of a client’s drawdown portfolio. Allowing you to manage a blended income strategy in one place.  

 We work with Just, one of the UK’s leading providers of retirement planning solutions. They’re completely focused on meeting the needs of people approaching, at or in retirement.  

Read our Adviser Guide here.

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With Profits

We were the first proposition to offer a true With Profits fund on our platform. They are a medium to long-term investment that offers the opportunity for growth whilst enabling your clients to benefit from greater consistency of returns through a mechanism called ‘smoothing’.  

 They’re typically made up of a mix of high and low-risk assets including UK and international equities, bonds, property, and cash. Smoothing works by applying returns to the fund steadily over time. This means, in periods of good market performance, some of the returns may be held back, and then applied during periods of poorer market performance to help cushion falls. Without smoothing, market fluctuations would directly affect the daily value of the investment. Smoothing seeks to protect investors by making investment returns more consistent over time.

Find out more about the Wesleyan With Profits Fund here.

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Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) offer the benefits of a collective investment fund while trading like a share on a stock exchange. 

 Our platform supports fractional trading. You can purchase ETFs down to a value of 0.0001 of a unit. This is particularly useful for smaller investment amounts and regular investments. You can access hundreds of ETFs that are available on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) from a variety of different providers. 

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Passive Investments

A broad and varied array of passive investments are available via the platform. These range from tracker funds managed by large and well-known investment houses and smaller boutiques to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from some of the world’s biggest providers. These investments can play an important role for you and your clients when constructing their investment strategy and portfolio. 

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Share dealing

Our share dealing service gives you full access to all the equities traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). You can complete trades in real-time online and over the phone.

We use our highly experienced and respected stockbroking partner, Stocktrade, to provide this service. Equities and other stock exchange traded products can only be traded via the Stockbroker Account when we can source a price via our data provider. When a price cannot be sourced, the dealing party may be asked to sell the holding and we will contact them with this information as soon as possible. You can view our Stocktrade guide here, the Stocktrade rate card here, and the Stocktrade application forms and other documents in the Wealthtime Document Library here.

Log in to Stocktrade here.

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Structured Products

You can access Structured Products from a number of providers. We have teamed up with an array of highly respected institutions to offer a diverse range of products. 

 Wealthtime is independent of any provider. Following compliance checks, we will work with any institution if it is operationally possible.  

 Be aware that Structured Product providers can stop taking subscriptions for a certain product in advance of the scheduled issue subscription close date. In these circumstances every effort will be made to process your instruction. However, it cannot be guaranteed. If we’re unable to invest, we’ll contact you and try to purchase a subsequent issue instead. 

View upcoming closure dates for our Structured Products here.

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Model Portfolios

You can manage Model Portfolios on our platform. We have long standing and established relationships with many leading Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs), and subject to compliance checks, we can work with new firms.

Asset allocations and investment composition can be changed at any time for one or all Model Portfolios. Providing excellent flexibility without any switching charges. If an established Model Portfolio is appropriate for a new client, this can be selected online and the application pre-populated with the appropriate mix of investments.

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Corporate Actions

From time to time investments that your clients hold through Wealthtime may undergo some material changes known as corporate actions. Common types can include fund closures, soft closures, mergers, a dilution levy or asset suspension.  New corporate actions will be emailed to you with the relevant details and you can find a full list of recent corporate actions here or in the Business Dashboard of the platform.