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The Wealthtime Group

No, we don’t offer advice. Any client looking to use our service should contact a financial adviser to find out if our platforms are right for them.

Wealthtime is owned by AnaCap Financial Partners, a leading private equity firm that’s been investing in the European and UK financial services sector for 15 years.


Novia and Wealthtime are both owned by AnaCap Financial Partners. As the companies are part of the same group, we decided the time was right to bring the two brands together under the Wealthtime name. We created a new visual identity for the group with a refreshed look and feel.
We believe that this unified brand will help us create a greater impact in the market, build a stronger business and provide a better customer experience.
The rebrand signals a new era for our company. Our new brand, our enhanced services, our improved technology, and our team, will transform your experience – creating a platform designed around your needs.

• The Novia platform has become the Wealthtime platform and has a fresh look.
• The old Novia website has been replaced by Don’t worry if you bookmarked URLs from the old site – we have redirects in place.
• Our new suite of Wealthtime forms and documents is available (visit the document library to take a look). As we’re going through this changeover phase, we’ll continue to accept Novia forms.
• You’ll receive emails from our new domain (
• We’ve updated our social media accounts (give us a follow if you aren’t already)

No – we are one group, operating two distinct platforms. As they do today, the platforms will co-exist together, and offer different propositions and service to satisfy different customer needs.

If you get to the platform from the login button in the top right corner of our website, you will notice that there is a new step in the journey. You’ll now need to select whether you’re a Wealthtime (ex-Novia) user or a Wealthtime Select (ex-Wealthtime) user. This is sign-posted on the page.

We have updated our trading name, but for now we have not updated our legal name. It remains as Novia Financial plc. This means that you and your clients will still see some references to Novia in various places such as legal footers, product names, and on our bank details.
So that everyone is aware that this is the case, we’ve temporarily added a message about it to the tops of forms and documents, and onto the platform (Investor Zone and Adviser Zone).
In time, we plan to change our legal name and we will remove references to Novia. We’ll keep you well informed of any changes.

No. Our regulatory status remains the same; however, we now operate under Wealthtime. The Regulated entity remains Novia Financial plc (FRN 481600) until we change the Legal entity.

The old Novia website is being replaced by There will be redirects set up on the old Novia website URLs, to take you to the new site. This means that if you have URLs bookmarked you should still get to where you are trying to go.

We’re changing domains from to This is happening for all our  email addresses – for individuals or for team mailboxes.

But don’t worry – our Novia email addresses will continue to work for the time being.

If you have the URL for the platform bookmarked, it will still work. We have set up a redirect that will take you to the right place.

Drop the Marketing team an email – – and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

The Wealthtime Platform

We’re on hand to provide ongoing training and support whenever it’s needed. This includes face-to-face contact with your sales manager, online demonstrations with our inhouse experts, plus telephone and online support. 

Our technology and range of investments are continually evolving. We have a truly agile approach to platform development. The enhancements we make are shaped by your feedback, helping us to improve the user experience and add relevant new features. 

Your clients can keep track of their investments through Investor Zone. Clients can check the value of their holdings and see how they’re performing. They’ll also have access to a wide range of downloadable documents, including valuations, transaction history, quarterly statements and consolidated tax certificates. 

We maintain ownership of all data held on third party software and have selected Rackspace as our managed data centre provider. Rackspace is the world leader in the managed cloud segment of the business information technology market. They satisfy the security requirements of our business and are accredited with ISO 27001, PCI, and ISEA 3402. Rackspace also holds ISO 9001 for quality assurance and ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 to meet its environmental responsibilities. 

We have a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery policy that includes internal controls, policies, and procedures, as well as appropriate management oversight and monitoring, governance and training. Please contact us for full details. 

Our team are on hand to help you get started. Just contact the sales manager for your region and they’ll provide everything you need. We can only work with advice firms that are authorised by the FCA.

We know our users have different needs. That’s why we’re on hand to help make the onboarding process as straightforward as possible.

Once terms of business are in place, our experienced team will be in touch to create a personalised plan for you and your business. They’ll support you every step of the way, guiding you through the onboarding process and providing ongoing support to help set you up on the platform.

We customise our training programme based on the needs of your firm. We’ll help you configure the platform, set up users and permissions, use our tools, make transactions and start reporting. We’re happy to adapt our training as needed to support your firm’s needs. 

Due diligence is important to drive better outcomes for clients and meet your regulatory requirements. Our team are on hand to support you with all the information you need. Contact your local sales representative to get started.

Our platform includes access to a comprehensive reporting tool, providing quick access to a range of useful reports. This includes reports on adviser charging, client valuations, investments, transactions and more. A range formats are available, and access can be customised depending on the user’s role in your organisation. 

 The Wealthtime platform is a comprehensive investment platform service for investment advisers and their clients. The platform provides access to a wide range of product wrappers, investments, and portfolio management tools, all backed by award-winning service and ongoing adviser support. 

By deconstructing our approach to technology and adopting modern microservices alongside the safe security of assets through a partnership with GBST and our own proprietary software, we’ve created a technology solution that’s digital first, future proofed and built entirely around you, your business, and the ever evolving and complex needs of your clients.

GBST is an established market-leader in wrap technology, with total assets in excess of £130bn in the UK. While we source the core technology from GBST, we develop and own the front-end technology, giving us the freedom to be agile and responsive to our users’ needs. Our microservices structure, allows us to quickly deploy stand-alone software components to enhance functionality. It means we’re not constrained to a single development ethos and can quickly customise and innovate the user experience utilising

We provide a comprehensive range of investments on our platform including direct equities, traditional authorised funds both onshore and offshore, and exchange traded products such as ETFs and ETCs. We offer access to over 6,000 lines of assets, including 3,500 funds from more than 300 fund managers. You can also choose from a number of structured products from providers such as Investec, Morgan Stanley, Mariana Capital, Meteor and Walker Crips.

We have an open architecture philosophy, giving our advisers choice over their investments. This means we’ll aim to work with any investment manager who meets our operational and due diligence requirements. You can also set up and manage model portfolios through our platform, including a custom mix of investments for any number of risk profiles or product wrappers. We also allow advisers to outsource portfolio management to specialist third-party DFMs, giving you complete flexibility to help you manage your clients’ investments.

Our wide range of product wrappers are designed to help advisers get the most from their clients’ investments. Our current range includes:

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Sipp and Group SIPP
  • General Investment Account (GIA)
  • Offshore Bond
  • Third-party wrappers through GIA
  • Junior Stocks & Shares ISA

Visit the Wealthtime Platform page for more information.

We receive interest on the Cash held within your clients’ accounts. The amount we receive will vary as interest rates rise and fall. We keep some of this interest and pass the rest on to your clients. Please visit our investor Cash Hub for the latest interest rates and for more on what this means for your clients.

The Wealthtime Select Platform

The Wealthtime Select platform is an online service that helps manage all your clients’ investments and gives you one view of their entire portfolio.

The platform can only be accessed by financial advisers or other authorised personnel. We don’t accept applications where an individual hasn’t received financial advice.

The Wealthtime Select platform is also for UK residents only.

There’s no minimum amount required to set up a client on the Wealthtime Select platform, but individual investment products may have their own minimum.

We offer a wide range of products including: Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), General Investment Accounts (GIAs), Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Offshore Bonds. More details on each can be found here.

We integrate with the following back office systems:

  • Intelliflo
  • Durell
  • Iress (Avelo)
  • Moneyhub
  • Moneyinfo
  • Plum Software
  • Prestwood (Truth)
  • Time4Advice (CURO)
  • Sprint (Fastrak)

Interest is paid according to the rates agreed with Barclays Bank, which are subject to variation. Wealthtime Select does not retain any interest earned on the cash held within your client’s product bank accounts.

Please visit our investor Cash Hub for the latest interest rates.

The fees for our products and services are transparent, and we receive no payment from any third party investment product providers for the service we provide to you. We also offer family pricing. View our Fee Schedule here.

When it comes to working out what forms you need, we’ve created a helpful set of questions that’ll point you in the right direction on our literature page.

To help speed up processing, we’ll also accept the following as scanned copies when attached to a secure message:

  • ISA application for existing clients
  • SIPP supplementary contribution application forms
  • Self-certification declarations when opening a new product
  • Benefit payment forms
  • Evidence of age pro formas
  • Discretionary fund management agreements
  • SIPP expression of wish forms
  • Adviser charges agreements (updates only)

Yes, our platform is available to white label. For more information on this, please contact our team.

Payments are usually sent by BACs. Payments can also be made by CHAPS on request, though there will be a £7.50 CHAPS fee.

Direct Debits are collected on the following dates:

  • ISAs on the 3rd or 17th of the month,
  • GIAs on the 12th or 27th,
  • and SIPPs on the 7th or 21st.

Adviser charges are paid on the 15th of the month and our charges are deducted on the 7th of the month.

Our target cash feature allows you to manage your client’s cash balance so you can be sure they have enough funds to cover any charges.

Clients are set up with read-only access, and it’s only you that can make changes to your client’s portfolio.

Our Custody of Client Money page details how we meet the rules set out by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regarding how we hold and protect client assets and cash.

Details for how to make a complaint can be found in our complaints procedure document.

If you decide you don’t want to represent a client anymore, please send us a secure message instructing us to stop the relationship.
We’ll then write to the client to confirm that they no longer have an adviser. We’ll let them know that because we’re an adviser-led platform they’ll need to find a new adviser or to transfer away. We will also tell them that because we don’t support Investment Pathways, they won’t be able to start taking pension benefits or, if they’re already taking benefits then they won’t be able to change the level of benefits.