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Wealthtime Select Tools

Our ethos starts with partnership

From a money-weighted analysis tool to a capital gains calculator that alerts you to liabilities automatically before you place trades, we’ve got a number of tools designed to support your day:


Back office integration

We integrate with the following back office systems:
• Intelliflo
• Durell
• Iress (Avelo)
• Moneyhub
• Moneyinfo
• Plum Software
• Prestwood (Truth)
• Time4Advice (CURO)
• Sprint (Fastrak)

We also offer integration via the FINIO data hub. The hub connects investment platforms with software providers – transforming, enriching and reconciling data before passing it on. It means you benefit from better quality data and a reduction in the manual or legacy inputs you may be used to. Find out more now.

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Fund info

Fund Info is provided by Broadridge’s Funds Library. Accurate and timely fund information means you have what you need to make the best decisions.
You can export clients’ portfolios to Financial Express for analysis in their tools.

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Payment tools

Our payment tools make it quick and easy to instruct payments to clients from their ISAs and GIAs or to move money between products. And there’s a great deal of functionality within the tool – including the ability to move money between family-linked accounts.

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Model Portfolio capabilities

You have the freedom to choose – you can design and build your own model portfolios using the platform, or you can outsource Model Portfolio Services to specialist DFMs.
Simplify your admin when running your model portfolios by using our cash management tool to automate investment, disinvestment and rebalance. Specify tolerances on a per-client or bulk basis, ringfence any assets you don’t want to be rebalanced, and opt out of bulk rebalancing when you need to.

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Automatic Family Linking

Just let us know which accounts should be family-linked and we’ll do the rest.
Because we apply the platform charge based on the consolidated value of the accounts in the group, family linking can mean your clients benefit from a reduced platform charge. Family linking also enables fee nomination, where you can set fees up to come from one of the products in the group (eg a GIA could pay fees for all the other products in the group).

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Easily access and sign online documentation for your everyday platform admin.

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Capital gains tax calculator

This powerful tool provides both realised and unrealised gains reporting for your clients. The calculator takes into account corporate actions and distributions, and it allows you to capture previous acquisition costs for re-registrations and in-specie transfers.

The tool also has a scenario planner with several different methodologies, such as inputting planned trades or targeting a sales proceed. Once you’ve entered your method into the system, the tool reports the potential impact of the trades you’ve keyed or that the system has calculated (when targeting a sale amount). This functionality lets you explore your options, so you can be confident you’re making the best decision before placing any trades.

And the tool is integrated with the platform, so already has all the information on which assets clients hold – removing the need for rekeying. This is particularly useful when you carry out bulk reporting on an asset-by-asset basis.

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Intelligent rebalance

This tool comes in handy when you’re carrying out tax planning. It allows you to assess the best strategy and to trade across accounts (eg ISA and GIA), potentially saving your clients money.

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Our reports mean you can view client data easily, whether you want to assess at an individual client level or take a look at the bigger picture for your business.

Our Portfolio Analysis tool is highly flexible and customisable. It also allows you to compare the asset performance against your specified benchmarks.

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