We are introducing new online verification functionality to the Wealthtime Platform to cut the time it takes to complete data protection checks when calling us.

The new functionality is available now. It improves on our current process by making things significantly more efficient, whilst maintaining the same high standards of security.

Online verification process

As before, our client services agent will check your contact details (your name, firm name, and role in the business).

You’ll be asked to confirm your web user account id. This will be visible on your home page.

Our agent will request verification from within the system. When instructed, click on the ‘Verify Me’ link next to your web user account id. A pop-up will then appear on your screen.

From the pop-up, select ‘Verify’ and we’ll be able to discuss any clients that are assigned to you.

Please note: if you’re not able to log in to Adviser Zone you can still speak to our team by going through the existing manual verification process.

To find out more, speak to our team today.