This information is relevant for you if you use the Wealthtime platform. If you use the Wealthtime Select platform, please go to the Wealthtime Select platform version.

  1. On the Adviser Zone homepage, click the ‘transactions’ drop-down menu and select ‘top-up’. 
  2. Choose the investor to open their investor summary page.  
  3. On the investor summary page, select the product wrapper you want to top-up, then select ‘top-up’ from the tabs in the top right. 
  4. You’ll now see the steps to complete the top-up on the left-hand side. Some steps will show as completed as this information was entered when the wrapper was created. 
  5. Under step three, select the investment type and enter the amount to be invested. 
  6. Enter the details of the investment, adding any additional investments under the same type if needed. 
  7. Select an enter any initial adviser charges. 
  8. Proceed through the remaining steps to select the investment strategy and access documents. 
  9. Once you’ve finished, press ‘submit’ to proceed to the terms and conditions and complete the online declaration. 
  10. Press proceed to submit the top-up. You can check progress in the status updates section of the investor summary screen.