We have partnered with technology firm Credas Technologies Ltd to start trialling biometric verification in limited circumstances. This is new technology to the wrap platform industry but has proven successful in the banking sector by the so-called ‘challenger banks’. Subject to Adviser consent, clients who historically required copies of ID and bank statements to verify their identity will be invited to take a ‘selfie’ by the software on a smart device, followed by taking a picture of a photographic identity document. The technology, which works by calculating distances between key features on the face, will compare both facial images to verify identity and check the integrity of the corroborative document. It’s even clever enough to take ageing and hair style changes into consideration!

Step by step guide

  1. After clicking the hyperlink contained in our email, you will be prompted to confirm that your name is correct. If so, click Yes.

2. If it is not, do not proceed and contact Wealthtime platform support..

3. Enter your email address and re-enter to verify that the entry is correct.

4. Click continue

5. Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and accept if you agree to them.

6. Next click ‘Take a Selfie’.

7. Read the photograph guidance and click ‘Use Camera’. Some devices may request permission to use the camera on your smart device. You will need to grant that permission to continue.

8. Once you are comfortable that the image in the box is clear and in focus, click ‘Take a Snap’.

9. Next click ‘Scan ID Document’.

10. Select the photographic identification document you wish to use for the corroborative check.

11. Once you are comfortable that the image in the box is clear and in focus, click ‘Use Photo’

12. Please note, although the verification will now show as complete, you are now required to enter your personal details. Please click on Personal Details.

13. Next, please enter your name, address and bank sort code and account number.

14. The verification has been completed. Click ‘Submit’.

The Wealthtime platform team will contact you to discuss any further steps.